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Assistive Technologies

What are Assistive Technologies?
Assistive Technologies are specialized types of equipment that help people with disabilities to live independently and perform everyday activities that may be difficult to perform on their own. Assistive technology helps a person do activities more easily much the same way as having the right equipment helps you play sports or play an instrument.

Do Assistive Technologies use computers?
Some do, some don’t. Assistive technologies include many types of equipment - simple as well as advanced.

An example of a simple (or "low tech") assistive technology is a magnifier for someone with low-vision or books on tape for someone with hearing impairment to help with reading. Examples of advanced ("high tech") assistive technologies are voice recognition computer software for the computer or phone or a talking calculator.

Is the equipment just for use at home?
Some of the equipment is used to help people with disabilities do their daily activities like dressing, eating, or talking on the telephone. While other equipment allows people with disabilities to drive themselves or to do a sport that they were once not able to do.

Tools For Living

Here are some ways in which assistive technologies are being used today by persons with disabilities.

See Sample Low Tech Tools

Playing sports

Look at the different ways Assistive Technologies are used to help persons with disabilities participate in sports.

Cycling Kayaking Windsurfing Paramobile Devices