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Ways in which bicycles can be adapted for use by people with disabilities:

  • Use arms instead of legs to pedal the bicycle. Hand pedals can be attached to the front wheel with a chain. They work by pushing them both in the same direction at the same time. Braces can also be attached to the hand pedals to help hold someone‚Äôs hands in place.
  • Add a wheel. A bicycle can also be made with additional wheel. Two wheels are placed in the rear to add stability making a 3-wheeled bicycle. A four-wheeled bicycle can be made if even more stability is needed.
  • Adapt the seat. A sling back seat can replace a standard seat for someone who needs support.
  • Double up. A recumbent tandem bicycle allows two people to ride together with sitting-style seats.

    To learn more about recumbent cycling, see:

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Meet Dave

Dave is an active man who was injured in a motorcycle accident and is now a paraplegic. He uses an adaptive bicycle to stay active.

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