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11-year old Nicholas has defied all odds by taking on challenge after a challenge, including kayaking.

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I am Nicholas and I am 11 years old. I was born not too far from here – I was a two-pound baby! Doctors said I may never walk, talk, hear… Yeah, they said I would never, and I repeat never, do a lot of things. But now I walk, with a walker, and I’m obviously – I’m talking to you right now – and also, obviously I can hear you. And pretty much, I’ve defied them.

I come to the adaptive sports program. There’s a lot of things that I do. (from video clip - Don’t try this at home!) It is really very relaxing, because once you're in by the dock, you see all the buildings, I mean, the geese, I mean, the seagulls, I mean, the trees – and the bridges. I mean, its just so much fun.

I wouldn’t say I have a disability, because I can a lot of things. I play the piano and the djambe drum. I sing with the Boston Children’s Chorus. I cook…really well. Oh – and one other thing I can do - I can speak six foreign languages!

Don’t…and don’t…let anything bring you down, because when you do, everything else just keeps on falling down and then you are down too….so you gotta kick it up a notch! And be happy! That’s what I do.