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What is a Disability?

What does it mean to have a disability? What are the different kinds of disabilities?

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Considering Ourselves and Each
Other: Etiquette

Getting to know each other is easy with respect and kindness.

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What are Assistive Technologies?

Learn about the different kinds of equipment, hardware, and software that can help people with disabilities.

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Access Challenge

Find out how accessible your home or school is for people with disabilities.

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Look around; you will see that people have different kinds of abilities. Some people use a wheelchair, some have a guide dog, some use sign language or a talking computer to communicate and some need extra time to learn a new game.

We use the word disabilities to describe these kinds of differences. And that sounds like a word that means you can’t do things but with the help of equipment or assistance a person with a disability can do the kinds of things you like to do.

Here you will meet some people with disabilities and learn they have the same dreams and feelings that you have and want the opportunity to be able to do the same activities as you.

Yes, I Can!

Video profiles from Spaulding’s Adaptive Sports Program

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Universal Design

Check out our video on universal design of information technologies

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