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A speech or language disability means that a person has difficulty communicating by talking. This can range from using the wrong sound during speaking, to being unable to understand speech, or being unable to use speech to communicate. Speech and language disabilities might be caused by a stroke or injury to the brain. Other causes may be hearing loss, drug abuse, or physical impairments. Sometimes the cause is not known.

A speech disability is a problem with making certain speech sounds or with the voice quality. This may affect the rhythm, rate and/or flow of speech such as in stuttering or in a lisp.

A language or communication disability occurs when there is a problem with the brain centers that choose the words to speak or in the muscles of the mouth and throat that make speech.

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Stephen Hawkins is a famous physicist. He is a professor at Cambridge University in England where he has studied the basic laws that govern the universe. Stephen has written many publications about gravity, the Big Bang Theory and the Black Hole. He has also written three books for adults including a bestseller: A Brief History of Time. Watch for a new book by Hawkins coming in October 2008. George’s Secret Key to the Universe, co-authored with Lucy Hawkins, tells the story of George, a boy who learns about space time and the universe with his neighbor Eric, a scientist, Annie, his daughter and one very smart computer named Cosmos.

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